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Picking a Color Palette - My Top 4 Sites For Color Inspo

A few years ago I worked at a small yarn shop. I learned a lot there, mainly that I'm not great at customer service. I did enjoy looking at and squishing all the yarn. I also liked helping people with technical issues, whether it was a complicated stitch or a technique or understanding a pattern. Every day brought something new for me to explore and learn. There was only one re-accruing issue- color. Most people struggle with colors. I do too. Coming up with an interesting palette is hard! Luckily there are so many tools out there to make our lives easier. Here are my top 4 places to get color inspiration.

You can play with the color wheel or import a picture and extract colors from there. You can also get inspired by color combinations others have come up with as well as color trends. It will give you color codes if you want to incorporate them on a website or digital design. I'd highly recommend this tool.

This website is not as good but you can do much of the same. You can play with color palettes or look at what others have come up with as well as extract colors from images. It's a bit clunky for my taste but everyone has different preferences so maybe this one is for you.

Everyone knows about Pantone color of the year by now. You can get the latest scoop on color in fashion and design. I don't think you can come up with your own palette, but honestly, it's nice to just have someone tell you what you need sometimes.

This website is full of beautiful images and colors. This is a great way to get inspired. You can break down your search by season or topic or just browse. This site is such an eye candy that I find myself lost in it for hours at a time.

I hope this helps! Let me know what you think in the comments below. What are your go-to sites and what colors you simply can't stay away from?


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