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Baby Shower Of Days Past

I'm primarily a knitter through and through. However, when it comes to baby showers I've mostly concentrated on needle felting, specifically on mobiles. I feel like it's a very impactful gift. There hasn't been a time when gifting a mobile that people weren't in awe. That happens to stroke my ego just right. After hours and often times days of work, it's extremely satisfying to get a gasp from a crowd of ladies. I wish I took photos of all the mobiles I've made to share with you, alas I didn't think to do that at the time. I've made clouds with rainbows and the whole solar system correctly arranged. People still thank me to this day. It's amazing to know your gift hasn't outgrown a child or it was passed on to a new sibling and is still loved.

This is my latest mobile! I'm quite proud of it. I drew a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. There are so many incredible makers out there.

I love needle felting for its ease. None of my girlfriends are knitters or crocheters, so I'm a lonely crafter for the most part. Needle felting, however, was something I was able to teach them in a day and they all did amazingly well. It's sculping with a needle and some wool. Is there anything better?

If you would like me to make some tutorials, let me know in the comments below! I'd be delighted to share this awesome craft with you!


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