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Staying Sane While Social Distancing - For Crafters and Muggles Alike

Crafters have a huge advantage over regular people when it comes to downtime. We have stashes to bust. We have queues to get through. We can make all the things! But we do need more than that to stay sane in these crazy times. Here's a list of things one can occupy themselves while staying away from people.

  1. Read a book

  2. Listen to an audiobook

  3. Listen to a podcast

  4. Work on your hobbies

  5. Learn a new hobby

  6. Learn a new skill

  7. Go for a walk or a run

  8. Go for a hike

  9. Learn about edible plants in your area

  10. Learn about dyestuff in your area

  11. Collect edible plants and/or dyestuff

  12. Get a workout/yoga app and get in shape

  13. Look up workouts/yoga videos and try those out

  14. Meditate

  15. Video chat with friends and family

  16. Have a video chat party with drinks and food and games

  17. Reach out to people in your community to see how they're holding up

  18. Reach out to fellow crafters and see what they're getting up to

  19. Play some video games

  20. Watch someone else play video games

  21. Organize your stash

  22. Organize your closet

  23. Organize everything

  24. Fix that thing you've been ignoring

  25. Find other things to fix

  26. Deep clean your house

  27. Do creative writing

  28. Draw, paint, sculpt

  29. Journal

  30. Blog about all the things you've read, done, seen, made

There are so many things to do! We just need to do them instead of dwelling on how tough this situation is. Remember that we're all in the same boat and we're all going through this together apart.

Stay safe! Stay away! Stay connected! Stay sane!


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