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A little about me...

Crafting takes a lot of time. I suppose not everyone has the patience to do it. It also not always gets passed on generation after generation. My grandma is an amazing crafter. She sews, knits, crochets... everything. It seemed to have skipped a generation since my mom cannot do any of those things. She doesn't have the disposition for it. I was lucky enough to meet my now-husband and his mom. She taught me to crochet. As a result, I have become a wool monster. I love it all! The most important thing I gained from this knowledge is how much wool connects us all. I attained a new appreciation for everything my grandma did and I found a new friend in my mother-in-law. These occupations truly bind all the people across the globe and time.

My Mission

In these turbulent and uncertain times, it is nice to connect with one another, to do some good and to make something beautiful. I hope to highlight talented people in our crafting community, inspire to take action for a better future, share my thoughts on hardpressed issues and listen to yours, share knitting and crochet design, and finally,  spread some love and fun.

Take time for you, take time

for loved ones, take time for

community and take time for

the planet


Thanks for getting in touch!

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