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15 Crochet Easter Dress-Up Patterns

I'm not a religious person, but I do celebrate any holiday people around me celebrate. Unless it's some sort of fasting. I'm not into fasting. On the other hand, feasting is right up my alley. One of the best things about the holidays is dressing up. This really doesn't have to be a practice left strictly for Halloween. In my quest to dress up Easter, I went to the world wide web for a search so you don't have to! Most of these patterns are for kids but I'm sure many can easily be scaled up if you wish. I'm particularly keen on the headbands and the raffia purse. Who says we have to grow up?! I have no such plans! Many of these patterns are free but have links for paid downloads. I'd highly encourage anyone who can afford it to pay for the patterns and support these amazing designers. Below you shall find pictures of these awesome projects. Click on them to go to their original sites. Have a happy and safe Easter!


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