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5 Heart Knits For Valentine's Day

Everybody knows hearts are overrated. They are difficult to incorporate without looking tacky. I think this list is a great example of hearts done right! Though this post is Valentine's specific, don't forget to show your loved ones how much you love them. Many even use that special yarn you've been keeping for a while now. Or is that just me?

I love the subtlety of this hat. Only after a closer inspection, it becomes obvious the heart has overtaken the head. Knit in DK on US6 and US4 needles. I'd highly encourage you to check out more Natalie V patterns for she is one talented lady!

These socks are super cute. Knit with fingering yarn on US1 needles. I'm incapable of knitting socks fast. I have one sock disease. Adina Higdon has other lovely sock patterns. Her other designs are quirky and rustic.

How amazing is this sweater?! Accurate rendering of the heart is incredible. It's knit with Sport weight yarn on US5 and US6 needles. This designer is extremely proficient in colorwork. Megan-Anne Llama has quite the talent for yarny renditions of nerd culture. Sign me up!

Here is another example of anatomical truthfulness. I wouldn't have a problem snuggling with this hot water bottle on Valentine's or any other day of the year. Knit with Sport weight yarn on US3 US2 1/2 needles. Janine Whale has a few more great designs. I hope she keeps up designing. She clearly has a lot of talent and creativity.

While we're at making everyone warm and cozy, let's not forget about our four-legged friends. This adorable doggy sweater will clearly illustrate just how much you love your pooch. It's knit with Worsted weight yarn on US8 needles. Catherine Head has published a book back in 2008 called "Picture Perfect Knits".


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